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The warm sun at the beach, the cool breeze in the Smoky Mountains, The full moon lighting the night sky, and a beautiful painting on a wall.  Take a moment and enjoy the little pleasures in life.



I am an Orlando based artist and Florida native. My art work consists of pattern as a form of art. I studied at Maryville College with Professor and Artist Carl Gombert. While in Tennessee, I began to focus on patterns and how they report to the Art world. Artists and influences include the Op Art movement of the 60’s, Pop Art movement, Minimalist and many more. Artist works who intrigue my interest include but not limited to are Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley, Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, M.C.Escher and Donald Judd.


Throughout my exploration of Pattern I have discovered many paths and developments. Pattern is a natural symbiotic of optical illusions. They also very easily translate to textiles and other mediums that continue to accentuate the environment. Some of my main themes include the elements of a Circle and a square. With these two elements I have discovered a world of concepts that have no end in sight.