My process starts with the pattern.  When a pattern is created, I move to the color theory process.  This can take hours and even weeks.   Once the preliminary steps are done, the fun begins-bringing the artwork to life.


After the size is determined, the preparation of the canvas or work surface is applied.  There are materials used to create texture within the canvas.  This can be multiple layers and creates many effects.  Next step is painting; many tools and mediums are used to create the effect on the final project.  


Lastly, the finished product produced.  A fellow artist once said, “a painting (an artwork) is a struggle between the artist and the canvas (material).  It is only finished when the artist gives up ”.   While some projects are deemed complete, most artists would always want to do more.  Don’t forget to look at the details of a painting, which is where the fun is explored.  We always leave little details to show “we were here”.   They can be a drip marks, smudges or even an over stated brush strokes.  The details will always be there, but the Artists may not always let you know where.